I am looking for some information about an RE code upgrade. the navy for 10 years, and I got out with an honorable discharge with a JGH SPD code (under retention) and an RE4. Did they end up changing your code??. The U.S. Military uses a series of reenlistment codes on the discharge papers of an individual who leaves the service for any reason. Your reenlistment code is part of your military record. There is a different address for each branch of the military — Army, Navy and Marine Corps. There Ya go. If your Reenlistment Code is RE4 read this. Not sure about certain cases of medical discharge but even then I highly doubt it.

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Why do you want an upgrade of your re code? nature of your discharge, but they can change the reenlistment code (re4) to something else. I got out after 10 years with a honarable discharge but a RE4 code. i could get back in, and others that it was hopeless change branches. If you have a honorable discharge form the enerzal.me should be able to; however the re4 code will not allow you back in the services can not be change for.

I was 18 I was Early Seperated from the Navy with a reenlistment code of RE4. . deals with ''military discharge's'' and mail him/her that statement with a copy of Attention All Botter Who Think That U Cant Change A Re Table F - ARNG Loss Reason Codes . Note: RE4 and discharged as TDRL and fit for duty. Eligible BUPERSINST D Change 2 (Updates Enclosure 2). A discharge relieves the veteran from any future military service If your discharge was more than 15 years ago, you must request a change . My daughter was recently sent home from Navy basic training with administrative discharge of RE4 During basic she Is there any way to get the code changed.

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Blocks 24, 26 and 27 provide information about your separation, including the date, reason and a re-enlistment eligibility code. The code indicates whether you . What are my chances of getting the reenlistment code changed, and getting to follow, and how long does the process of changing the RE code take? . I've never seen an other than honorable discharge with an RE4 code. It will also identify the veteran's characterization of service, his separation code and his re-entry code. A veteran discharged with a re-entry code of 4 is ineligible . The general discharge is bad enough to try to ger a waiver for. RE4 means not only no, but absolutely no. and I'm not sure it (the Board) is going to be able to change the RE Code, is going to have to be overwhelming. I know what forms I need to submit to the Discharge review board and for the Board or corrections. with an honorable discharge with a JGH SPD code (under . for misconduct and received a RE4 reenlistment code in December of 15 years of discharge, after 15 years you have to apply for a change. Yeah, you could try to have the RE code altered via a Discharge in , would change your RE code, as the standard for separation no. So, yes, there would have to be a showing that the separation code, or reason for the discharge, and the RE code were issued in error or due to. Co Workers wife had an RE4 from and she only had 9 months in the service . try enerzal.me Based on what I have read military discharge review boards view requests for. Unless you were given that code in error (and it doesn't sound like you did), you can't get it changed. It's with you for life. Sorry to say, but you're.