Earlier this year, we were invited to the top secret set of Doctor Who: The Day Of The Doctor. We weren't allowed to see anything spoiler-y or anything like that. Interview with Matt Smith, who plays Doctor Who in Doctor Who: The Day Of The Doctor. Welcome aboard, says the new Doctor, shutting the door on the outside world. It's a cold, gusty day at Doctor Who HQ in Cardiff. I'd been.

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The actor discusses the life and loves of a Time Lord ahead of the new series of Doctor Who. Doctor Who at We're honouring Tenth Doctor Matt Smith by republishing this interview with Radio Times. Actor Matt Smith has revealed he nearly turned down his but admitted in the interview that playing the Doctor had sometimes been an ordeal.

Spoiler alert: This interview contains spoilers from the first season of Matt Smith is perhaps best known for his role as the Doctor in BBC's. This month's Doctor Who Magazine reveals that the upcoming Doctor Who specials will be shot in High Definition, a first for the series. Previously the production. The Eleventh Doctor is an incarnation of the Doctor, the protagonist of the BBC science fiction . However, Matt Smith was unhappy with the costume as he felt it reflected how someone Smith also mentioned in a interview that his Doctor was going to have a very long black leather jacket, but it was too Matrix- style.

Matt Smith, the English actor whose final episode as the beloved titular Time Lord on Doctor Who aired in , plays Prince Philip alongside. Matt Smith is back on the London stage, starring in the weirdest play he could possibly find. We meet the ex-Doctor to talk about making his 'Kid. Interviews Matt Smith tells us about the challenge of bringing the doctors together for the For Matt Smith, this is the beginning of the end.

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I tried to talk to Matt Smith about Mapplethorpe, but it quickly went I was going to talk to him about his tenure as “Doctor Who,” whether he'd. If the BBC, BBCA, BBC Worldwide or a national first-run broadcaster of Doctor Who or its related programmes, it comes directly from their official YouTube. “They're both aliens,” the actor Matt Smith says of Dr. Who and Prince Philip, his biggest parts to date. The Doctor, the hero of England's. Matt Smith and Karen Gillan Interview DOCTOR WHO. DOCTOR WHO show airs on BBC and stars Matt Smith and Karen Gillan. Produced by. Matt Smith is a darling young man – he made me very welcome, the legendary actor said, in a candid interview for the new Doctor Who: The. On the eve of Doctor Who's US premiere, I had a quick chat with Matt Smith and Karen Gillan, while they were over in New York to promote the show's US. Looking back on his days on Doctor Who, Smith admitted during his new Desert Island Discs interview that he initially wasn't sure about taking. Matt Smith first became famous playing the Doctor on the iconic British TV show Doctor Who. Then he got more famous by playing Prince Philip. As The Crown returns to Netflix for a second series, Matt Smith tells The Jackal how he's to the role that made him a household name, the 11th Doctor in the BBC's Doctor Who series. Matt Smith interview, Jackal magazine. Matt Smith has yet to shoot his final episode of Doctor Who, but he's already begun saying his This is my favorite interview already. Tell me.