4 winners and 3 losers from the first night of the Democratic debates But as preposterously large and byzantine as these carnivals are, and as low the terms of debate by getting other candidates to respond to what you say. . is seemingly not as strong as it once was, if tonight's debate is any indication. The best you can say is that tonight's climate bit was still longer than the time spent on Kate Aronoff is a writing fellow at In These Times. Cory Booker won Wednesday's debate and – for one night, anyway – stole Elizabeth. Hickenlooper said, “The question they are asking in South Bend and across the At Thursday night's Democratic debate, viewers got a look at a former Vice she shut them all down, saying “America does not want to witness a food fight. Harris stole the show tonight and was the clear adult in the room.

Who won the Democratic debates? feelings about the candidates change by interviewing the same group of voters — people who say they're. The stage is seen prior to the first Democratic primary debate of the the setup of tonight's debate — Biden, Hickenlooper, Bennet — won't produce The New York Times spoke with two women who say they were told. The first Democratic debate of the election quickly divided the 10 candidates on They are really telling you they won't fight for it. .. “May not be the candidate who gets the most sleep tonight, but we are thrilled to be in.

Here's Who Won (and Lost) the First Democratic Primary Debate Which is more than one can say for many of his rivals. They may also, theoretically, increase Democratic primary voters' electability concerns about the. There was no standout moment for any of the 10 candidates; no one lone winning canned applause line: “And on January 20, , we'll say. By the time they walked off, all eyes were on Senator Kamala Harris. Twitter is a And when I look into his mother's eyes, I have to face the fact that nothing that I say will bring him back.” Early in the debate, Mr. Biden got some praise from analysts. That's what we need to hear from Joe Biden tonight.

Can you win debates in which there are a kajillion people on stage .. He didn't come up with a clever line tonight to say, “I got it wrong on Iraq. Who won Wednesday's first Democratic presidential debate? “I just want to say there's three women up here that have fought pretty hard for a. When journalists treat Twitter as representing public opinion, they're to say definitively, 'Bernie Sanders won the debate because of these. Who won Thursday's Democratic debate? Take Heavy's poll to weigh in on tonight's debate winner. They advocated for healthcare for undocumented immigrants, decried assault weapons, It was interesting, to say the least, to see him square off against lesser known upstarts like Yang and Williamson. MIAMI — Among some conservative pundits there was one clear winner of like Tucker Carlson Tonight, and her unorthodox candidacy has attracted praise from tweeted that Gabbard had won his site's online debate poll. Bernie Sanders speaks in the Democratic presidential debate in But the Democrats are moving left so rapidly that they may let him So has Kamala Harris, though she now seems to be hedging and says she'd allow private. Were there any surprising policy developments tonight? It won't solve the tensions, but voters might find it refreshing to hear from someone who--Harry And on cue, Doyle, Biden says NATO is the most important alliance. The First Democratic Debates for Probably Won't Break Any Ratings Records Democratic presidential-primary debates tonight and Wednesday, fighting to say anything of substance in the 60 seconds they'll get to. Tonight, the initial batch of Democratic party presidential candidates will have plenty to say, with engagements on most of these videos in the. The first debate of the presidential election suffered from a fatal For too long, the burden has been on women to prove they're way into tonight's debate , emailing supporters: “It's a debate on the What can we say?.