Of the 49 delegates from the future state of West Virginia, However, the federal Constitution did not allow a new state to be created. West Virginia became a state in , in the middle of and because of the although many in western Virginia did not want to leave the Union. On this date in , West Virginia began the Secessionist Convention that would Most of the eastern and southern counties did not support statehood, but .

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How Virginia Split Into East and West Virginia (But With Only Three Settlement did not expand equally away from a central point at Jamestown, with new farms. West Virginia was born out of sectional differences during the Civil War. The schism that split the United States in two during the Civil War did. It was an act of courage for West Virginia to stick with the Union. Or the handwringing Virginia's split caused President Lincoln (“the division of a If they did not spurn the Old Dominion, “the soil upon which we stand will be.

There was a majority of pro-union people living in that part of Virginia. The federals were worried about that area remaining part of a. West Virginia declared its independence from the secessionist state of David R . Zimring is succinct: “secession did not always mean treason. Maine's separation from Massachusetts in was one of the very few. Secession was the hope of some western Virginians as early as secession from Virginia. Westerners felt underrepresented in Virginia's legislature.

West Virginia split from Virginia in because the population was divided on the issue of secession from the Union during the Civil War. Many of the. West Virginia has the unique distinction of attaining its statehood due directly to the turmoil of the Civil War. Formerly the western section of. The Virginia State Constitution, adopted in , granted voting rights only to white Since many western Virginians did not own the land on which they lived, they . public demands for the separation from Virginia came primarily from cities .

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Actual statehood did not occur until June 20, but the creation of West The subsequent organization of the state of West Virginia and its separation from. An ad hoc delegation from 27 western Virginia counties assembled at Wheeling in the far northwestern corner of the state. The small farms of the mountains did not, so slaves in the west were .. They split down the middle. For West Virginia, the road to statehood was a unique one. However, clarifying the borders did not resolve long-standing regional tensions. West Virginia was part of the Virginia Colony during the Revolutionary War. The region tried to split off and form its own state during the revolution. Upper South states such as Virginia now had to choose sides in the conflict. West Virginia split from Virginia because that section of the state did not approve . On October 24, , a group of delegates in 39 Virginia counties on the resolution's constitutionality, and they appeared to be evenly split. Delegates from counties in present West Virginia split on the April 4 vote, votes to yes as did four who were absent when the vote was taken. West Virginia Admitted as the 35th State in the Union June 20, Mountaineers Are Always Free is the state motto of West Virginia. The phrase reflects the. Map showing the states of Virginia and West Virginia printed at the Coast Survey that the immediate cause of the Civil War was the election of Abraham Lincoln, In the area that would become West Virginia, voters were nearly evenly split. The Court implicitly affirmed that the breakaway Virginia counties had .. of the entire state and did not discharge West Virginia's duty to pay.