I touched you softly as I would a child. I listened to your problems like a friend. I opened up my soul, told you every fear and goal. For you I lied, for you I stole. [Chorus 4X: sample] What did I do wrong (what did I do wrong?) What did I do, what did I do (girl you tell me) [Trife Diesel] You know the main reason why a. Was it wrong to make you laugh Was it wrong to worship you I can make it on my own It's just that I don't want to And I knew you'd have to go.

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Lyrics to 'What Did I Do Wrong' by Hank Cochran. What did I do wrong and made you so mad Oh I must've done something to make you treat me so bad You're. Lyrics to 'What Did I Do Wrong' by Kele. hehe haha, this song is good, this song is great. me, myself and I / we got together one day, smoked a little pot and. We met when we were You'd never see us apart. Life was filled with salt and sunscreen. And nothing was ever that hard. We liked that. What we have right.

What did I do wrong boy. What did I do. What did I do wrong. I don't know what I did. I don't know what I said. Just tell me the words and I'll sing them. What did I. What Did I Do Wrong Songtext von Betty Harris mit Lyrics, deutscher Übersetzung, Musik-Videos und Liedtexten kostenlos auf enerzal.me Lyrics for Where Did I Go Wrong (feat. Efya) by Efya feat. Sarkodie. INTRO ( Sarkodie) na se anka me y3 wo bribi mpoa 3w) s33 anka wo tumi ka.

Find Flatline – Where Did I Go Wrong lyrics and search for Flatline. Listen online and get new recommendations, only at enerzal.me Song lyrics you sing wrong every time, but don't even care. Actual lyric: You make me feel like I did you wrong. Oh! Drake in hotline bling. Song from the Broadway musical It Shoulda Been You Where Did I Go Wrong lyrics Harriet Harris performed by Harriet Harris. Did you get it. Did you need it. Did you really. What you wanted. Was it good in the sun. Did you really have the fun. Did you crack it. Did you grab it. Did you reel . You can find the song if you only know parts of the song's lyrics. “And if I did what you doing to me, it is a crime” “You'd lose your mind” Male backup . you the wheel i'm ready to ride you perfect you can't do no wrong in my eyes i'm ready ”. Origins Lyrics Natural Will you hold the line, when every one of them has given up and given in, tell me In this house of mine So where did we all go wrong?. Do Wrong Right This song is by The Devil Makes Three and appears on the album Do Wrong Right (). I'd rather be a devil living life on a tear Than be. WHAT DID I DO WRONG. Crowded streets and empty faces, Looking through the same old places, Of you and us there are no traces. What did I do wrong'. Fuck it I did wrong you did wrong too, you know what I'm sayin? But We gotta put up with each otha shit the easiest thing to do is leave. Ya dig? Anyway check. Where Did We Go Wrong Lyrics from Addams Family, The musical. Song lyrics to Broadway show. Soundtrack listing.