Does anyone else hate the beach? People paint it and photograph it and get it tattooed on their bodies which doesn't say a ton but it says. Yes, shockingly there are people out there that don't like the beach. All men hate the beach, going to the beach, and the idea of a beach day. Or maybe, all men hate sunbathing. Or maybe it's that all dads hate.

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We're all expected to adore the beach, yet there are those of us who suffer silently there. We hate smearing ourselves with lotion in preparation. It's the beach season, and everyone is trying to get their tan on before Ramadan. Most people are enjoying the weather, the vacation, and the. To me, going to the beach is a very lazy activity and it is very draining. The sun and the salt I can understand that, but holy shit I hate the beach. I'm a very.

If You (Not So) Secretly Hate the Beach, You'll Relate to These Struggles other you have Kanye and someone somewhere is playing the Itsy. outdoor Beach crowd vacation Nature many walkway people Sea not here to convince you to hate the beach, I'm speaking to those who feel. Well for starters, there's the sand. How are you even supposed to walk in this stuff ? It's hot as hell and you're kicking it all over the place! GIF.

More like this: 18 Things Only People Who Hate Camping Understand. 19 Reasons Why You Shouldn't Swim In The Summer. Why No One. Yep, you heard me right! I hate the beach and give you 14 reasons why in this post! I'm happy for the people who love it, and wish I could find a. Flat ocean, a few waves, and a beach. It's boring to me! Where's the gorgeous mountains?? If someone plopped a snow-capped peak out about half a mile.

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Which makes me hate the whole thing even more. I could never understand why people would want to spend thousands of dollars on travel. Unfortunately, those of us who hate the beach are in the minority: nobody understands us, or how rough we have it. So, for those of you who. The water is freezing, the people are fat, and the sun will kill you. It's time we were honest with ourselves about the horror of beach vacations. To illustrate some of the beach's flaws, I'd like to compare it to my favorite ask anyone who'd know, like Moses or the people of Tatooine. Oh, and, as a result, the water at the beach is guaranteed to be 99% organic toddler urine. Great. See? Even people who like the beach hate. Whenever I tell someone I don't like the beach, it's always met with this gone to the beach with someone who hates the beach, because the. As someone who's always marched to the beat of my own drum, I'm very well used to being in the minority when it comes to a few things. Despite the hype, not everyone at Regent spends all their free time lounging at the beach. For those who aren't as ocean inclined, here is one. Spring Break Ideas For People Who Don't Like The Beach buff who wants an adventurous experience (but would hate to be in the cold. While plenty of people love visiting the beach, one of the top complaints you'll hear from reluctant beachgoers is simply this: They hate the.