If you've got a problem with an iPhone, iPad or Mac, you can book an appointment with an Apple Genius and take your product into a store to. In addition to the Genius Bar for hardware repairs, you have more immediate Make a Genius Bar reservation at your favorite Apple Store and get help from an . Whichever option you choose, you'll get your product back working exactly the way it should. shipment for your product to an Apple Repair Center — all on your schedule and without an appointment. Meet with a Genius at an Apple Store.

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If there is an Apple Store near to schedule an appointment at. Making an Apple Store appointment at Apple's website has gotten hard and slow. Discover the fastest way to get help at the Genius Bar here. You may have to bring your device to an Apple Store. Apple iOS device / Apple Support App and Genius Bar appointments (the easiest way).

Store if you don't already have the app; Open the Apple. Maybe you have a cracked iPhone screen or your MacBook Pro isn't charging properly. Whatever your issue, there's an app for that! If you need. 1. Launch the Apple Store app on your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch. 2. Tap on the Stores tab in the bottom navigation. 3. It should find the.

Most Direct Way To Schedule A Genius Bar Appointment If you want to skip the frenzy in your local Apple Store you might be able to mail-in. And the company has made it a bit more difficult to schedule a Genius Bar appointment at your local Apple retail store. Here's how it used to. As a former Apple Retail employee, I loved working at the Apple Store. You can make an appointment online with your computer or phone.

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Take a look at Apple Store at Irvine Spectrum Center for the innovative iPhone, Apple Watch, and Airbook. Locate Apple Store today for directions & hours. “It's better to look at an Apple Store more like a car dealership, due to the and then they're taking a mobile appointment—an iPhone or iPad. A short trip to the Apple Store is much, much easier. Help” button at the bottom, and make an appointment for the device in question. Start out by visiting the Genius Bar site. Select your local Apple Store from the Genius Bar Reservations drop-down. You must then select the. If you want to make an appointment at an Apple Store, you now have to use a valid Apple ID. Apple Stores offer free workshops for the company's core products and services. You can take classes to pick up tips and tricks for using the. Trying to get my iPhone repaired by Apple was an expensive waste of time. There were no Genius Bar appointments in Apple's online system. To help you get your phone fixed fast and easy, we're providing several things to consider when booking an Apple Store appointment, as well. Certainly don't walk into an Apple store without an appointment and expect to You must ensure you make an appointment prior to visiting. Let's take a look at how to get the most out of your Apple Store Genius Bar Bar appointment or moving on to more involved troubleshooting.