They refer to a color of a neutral tone between black and white, and can also be used However, gray is the more popular spelling in the US, while grey reigns. Gray and grey are two different spellings of the same word, and both are used throughout the English-speaking world. Gray or grey may be used as an adjective. How Do You Spell the Color Gray? Marko Ticak · Basics. As a noun, gray usually refers to the color. It can be used as an adjective when we want to say that the.

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How exactly is the color (colour?) between white and black supposed to be The modern day spelling of gray (grey) actually comes from the Old English grǣg. How to Spell the Color Gray. If you've ever wondered which spelling—gray or grey—is technically correct, you aren't alone. The answer. Grey and gray ban both used in the English language. Gray is the more popular in the US, How to Spell the Color Gray? The correct spelling of gray simply.

Have you ever wondered why you see gray spelled two different ways? Grey is the preferred spelling in British English, but gray is more. In the US, “gray” is more accepted and is the common spelling of choice, whereas, Neither spelling is correct, nor is it incorrect when referencing a color or an. The words Gray and Grey might sound the same, but have different It can be used to describe anything that has gray color like gray hair, gray clothes or a gray horse. Check your text and writing for style, spelling and grammar problems.

Grey is also the preferred spelling where British English prevails, like in Canada and Australia. In this manner, it's referring specifically to the color gray. The spelling gray (with an “a”) is more common in American English, so if you are writing for an American audience, use gray when you mean the color (or the . Short answer: gray is standard American spelling and grey is British spelling for the same color. The spellings have bounced back and forth.

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I'm stuck with the “grey” spelling in my head after attending boarding It is a neutral color or achromatic color, meaning literally that it is a color. There've been several attempts to differentiate the two tints of color with these words. The sense for gray was just a mix of black and white, while the grey color . Does your vowel choice really make a lot of difference in the case of the color gray? It doesn't. Here's a tip: The spelling doesn't affect the meanings, and both. Gray definition is - of the color gray. How to use gray in a sentence. Whether you are looking at the color, looking at the skies, or thinking The main difference between the terms gray and grey is the spelling. The British National Corpus has cites for grey and cites for gray. The Corpus of Historical American English, on the other hand. that of Canada. The following is a list of common spelling differences between Canadian and American words: colour, color grey, gray. Usually, grey is the British/Commonwealth spelling (like adding the u in color/ colour), while gray is the American spelling. I remember it by grey has an e. Grey (British English) or gray is an intermediate color between black and white .. for the RGB value. All are spelled gray, using the spelling grey can cause errors. This spelling was inherited from the X11 color list. HOW DO YOU SPELL the color (achromatic, but it's still a color) created by spell it >the color gray; if you're British, spell it >the colour grey.