Accurate knitting needle and crochet hook sizing is important for both crafts. There are, however, no uniform procedures for indicating these measurements. American crochet hooks go by two names: a letter and a number. For example, the crochet hook size that is most commonly used for worsted. This Crochet Hook Conversion Chart covers hook sizes and metric sizing for the US, UK, AUS and NZ. Easy to convert.

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U.S., ENG. METRIC. 00, -, 0, 0, 1, 1, 2, 1 1/2, 3, 2, 4, 2 1/ 2, 5, 3, 6, 3 1/2, 7, 4, 8, 4 1/2, 9, 5, 10, 5 1/2, A complete guide to crochet hook sizes. Metric crochet hooks sizes. One equal hook can for the most part have both a numbered size & a letter size. . Knitpro Crochet Hooks – Weaves (my 12 mm favorite hook is from. Crochet Hook Size Guide featuring a handy reference chart comparing metric hook sizes vs US, UK and Canada crochet hook size letters and numbers. 12 mm, O, —. mm, P/Q, —. / mm, Q, —.

Crochet hook conversion chart for checking whether the hook you are clasping is the right one! Chart shows metric, US letter & number sizes. Crochet hook U.S. to metric conversion chart. Techniques & Abbreviations. Crochet Hook Conversion Chart. U.S., METRIC. B/1. mm. C/2. mm. D/3. Starting with the letter B, I never met with a size A, the hooks increase in size A P should be larger than an N, but I have crochet hooks marked with mm.

Letters are for the US only. The letter designations you may see on crochet hooks (D, E, F, H, etc) are only used in the United States. Crochet. If the mm size was listed along with the hook letter and the number, then you . If you need a 12mm hook, search for that, not for the letter. Regardless of the number, letter or millimeter sizing, always complete a gauge swatch and compare it to the pattern gauge information. Crochet Hook Sizes. Size: Crochet hooks come in different sizes, which may be measured in letters, numbers or millimeters. For example, a general-sized crochet. Get information on crochet hook sizes from Crochet World magazine!. Crochet Hook Size Chart and information on crochet thread sizes. on packaging. The U.S. sizes, both numbers and/or letters, will also appear on packaging. While crochet hooks use letters instead of numbers to differentiate sizes in the US , they use good old (and arguably less confusing) millimeters. There are all different sizes of crochet hooks. Hook sizes are measured either by their letter in the alphabet, or by their size in millimeters. 45 products It's essential to use the right size crochet hook for your yarn. Denim Spot Case with Multicoloured Crochet Hook Set Pony Crochet Hook 12mm. Crochet Hook Conversion Chart at The Little Wool Company to help you decide between UK and US sizes.