Gold jewelry = Solute - copper, Solvent - gold. Sterling Silver = Solute - copper, Solvent - silver. #9 - Water is called the “universal solvent.” #10 - A glass of very. Sterling Silver - Silver and copper. (9) What liquid is called the “universal solvent” ? (10) Which would have the most SOLUTE: a glass of very sweet Kool-Aid or a. Start studying Science Solutions, Solvents, and Solutes. silver. What is the solvent in sterling silver. copper. What is the solvent in brass. copper. What is the .

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Actually, I don't think this question actually makes sense. Sterling silver isn't a solute or a solvent, it HAS solutes and solvents. A solute is a substance that. Metal Alloys Such as Sterling Silver. Making Solutions. Dissolving the solute in the solvent. As a rule of thumb, there is usually more solvent than solute. Solute: the substance being dissolved; example: salt; Solvent: substance doing gases; Kool-Aid: powder, sugar, and water; Sterling Silver: silver and copper.

Solute → copper (in a lower proportion); Solvent → silver (in a higher proportion) Therefore, Sterling Silver always contains % of pure silver and %. Sterling silver contains percent silver and percent copper. As the temperature of a liquid solvent increases, the amount of solute that can dissolve in it. Describes different solvent-solute combinations and gives examples of Solid- solid solutions such as brass, bronze, and sterling silver are.

universal solvent, water. gas-liquid solution, soda pop. gas-gas solution, air. solid -liquid solution, saltwater. solid-solid solution, sterling silver. speeds up the rate. Get an answer for 'List examples of different types of solutes and solvents. ' and find homework solvent: silver (solid); solute: mercury (liquid). Silver in gold. If you're wearing a bracelet made of sterling silver, you're wearing a solution of two A solute, such as sugar, dissolved in a solvent, such as water, results in a. Medium sized solute particles that can only be seen using a laser and the particles will NOT settle out of the mixture. Sterling Silver Brass. Silver: __ SOLVENT__ Copper: __SOLUTE__ Zinc: __SOLUTE__ Copper: __SOLVENT__ . For example, salt is the solute and water is the solvent in the solution called Sterling silver is not pure silver, but an alloy of silver and copper. in pepsi, your solvent is water and the solute is mainly sugar in sterling silver the solution is two metals silver and copper. Again the solute. View Homework Help - Solute and Solvent from BIOLOGY 1 at oxygen, and other gases Gold jewelry: gold and copper Sterling Silver: silver. Homogeneous – solution where solutes completely dissolve into a solvent and individual species are Solid solutions: dental fillings, 14K gold, sterling silver. Example of solute, solvent and solution are: Solute = sugar and lemon Solvent = water Solid-Solid Metal Alloys Such as Sterling Silver. Sterling Silver Silver Copper. 5. Water in Fish Tank Water Oxygen In each mixture identify the solution, solute and solvent. Ocean water, salt, water; Antifreeze.