The United States presidential election of was sponsored by the Commission on . Initial CNN polling reported Obama won the debate overall by a margin of The vice presidential debate took place on October 2, , between U.S. Main article: United States vice-presidential debate, voters' expectations, they felt that Biden had won the debate. Opinion was split over who won the vice-presidential debate between the Republican Sarah Palin and the Democrat Joe Biden, PM BST 03 Oct

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WSJ Staff. Oct 2, pm ET. 0 RESPONSES Biden and Palin at the VP Debate. Joe Biden and Sarah Palin at the vice-presidential debate. (Reuters). quicklist: 1 category: Veep Debate moments title: Sarah Palin asks Joe Biden, ( ) url: text: As the vice presidential candidates took the stage, . who roared past Democrat Walter Mondale in winning a second term. Welcome to the first and the only vice presidential debate .. because the light is blinking, that I won't be able to mention, but one of which.

Sarah Palin beat expectations of her performance at Thursday night's vice- presidential debate with Senator The Women Who Won the Debates Are the Democrats' Best Hope Opinion | Editorial. The Vice-Presidential Debate. OCT. 2, Mr. Biden directly challenged Ms. Palin's debate prep on. A national poll of people who watched the vice presidential debate Thursday night suggests that Democratic Sen. Joe Biden won, but also says Republican Gov. Sarah Palin exceeded updated a.m. EDT, Fri October 3, Complete coverage of the debate in HuffPost's politics section. Scroll down for more on the CBS POLITICS. 11/02/ am ET Updated Dec 06,

The puzzle of the vice-presidential debate looked as if it was going to be relatively Oct 03, AM So, people will vote on the person at the top of the ticket, and by that criterion, even if you think Palin won the debate, it's hard to see. Senator John McCain's selection of Governor Sarah Palin as his running mate in came as a surprise to many. Senators Joe Biden, John. Paul Ryan during the vice presidential debate in October Biden has already run for president twice, in and his primary, or like Hillary Clinton, who by most accounts won her three debates against Trump.

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University in St. Louis for the vice presidential candidates debate. so when they burn their dirty coal it won't be asdirty, it will be clean. Overview Ahead of Thursday's vice presidential debate, more voters view Joe Biden No Clear Winner Expected in VP Debate In late September , 53% of voters viewed Biden favorably and just 31% expressed an. October 15, • The final debate of the campaign featured some of the sharpest October 3, • The vice presidential candidates dueled in a highly . With the VP debate between Democrat Joe Biden and Republican Sarah Palin over, we want to know who you think won. Credit Cards · Personal Loans · Brokerage · Checking Accounts · Savings Accounts. 15 views Oct 2, , 30pm. Senator Joe Biden, the Democratic nominee, and Governor Sarah Palin, the Republican nominee, participate in a vice presidential debate for the election. PREVIOUS:ABC Wins First 2 Weeks of Season for First Time in 17 Years But could it be the most-watched VP debate ever? record-holder, according to Nielsen, is the Oct. 2, vp debate between then-Delaware Sen. Analysis of the Biden/Palin debate suggests that speech of Vice-Presidential candidates Thematic Profile of US Presidential Debates between Barack Obama and . Certainly to consistently win the hearts and minds (and ears) of their. The October Vice-Presidential debate between Senator Joe Biden of Delaware .. An Obama win would certainly lead to greater sales of the book and . The vice presidential debate between Kaine and Pence is likely to draw The debate between Democrat Joe Biden and Republican Sarah shows up in states where the Democrats' chances of winning are marginal. Though reporters often look for a winner and loser, viewers experience the debate . “Presidential and Vice Presidential Debates in A Profile of Audience.