Wondering where in the world to call home? Take this quiz to see what country best fits your personality!. Find out if you should live in the big city, a small town or maybe in the desert. Do you want to know where you would enjoy living the most? Take the test!.

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Take this quiz to find out where you should actually live!. If you've ever thought of moving to a big city, look no further: we can tell you where you belong!. In the future, will you end up living on the beach, in the mountains, in the city, or on a farm? Pick where you want to live, and see if your answer is the same!.

The country you should live is based on your personality. What exotic destination should you live in? Where Should You Move? What exotic destination should you live in? Emma Malkin. Created By Emma Malkin. Answer a series of questions to find out which country is your true calling.

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Let the quiz speak for itself Where Should You Really Live? Let the quiz speak for itself The Origami Cat. Created By The Origami Cat. Considering moving to/somewhere new in the 'Land of the Free'? Take this quiz to help you along. East Coast or West Coast?. Where In The World Should You Live? Find Out Where You Belong!! Mahir Ademović. Created By Mahir Ademović. On Sep 15, Based on your fashion and lifestyle, where should you live?. Take this quiz to find out which fabulous, world-famous city is right for you. Do you feel more at home in a beach house, an old Victorian, or something else? Find out what kind of house suits your personality!. The 50 states are all great, but which one is the best fit for your personality? Take this quiz to see where you should live based on your. Ever feel like you are living in the wrong place and should actually spend your life sipping cafe on the Seine river banks? Take this quiz to find. QuizQuizCountryFunGameGeographyLivePeopleWorldclothingjamaicaunited states dollarvenezuelafinancetiramisuisraelflagcreamiraq.