If you want to apply line styles and colors to borders in Excel spreadsheets or tables, see the following articles. In Excel, you can change the color of gridlines in your worksheet. make the gridlines stand out on the screen, you can experiment with border and line styles. Change border color of all cells in the whole worksheet (gridline color) Step 2: In the drop down list, move mouse over the Line color item, and select fit color.

how to change border color in excel online

Microsoft Excel lets you customize the way your worksheets look to improve their appearance. Changing the color of Gridlines is just another. The option you are interested in is the Line Color option. Hover over it, and you'll see a palette of colors you can choose. Pick the color you want, and Excel kicks. Excel allows you to specify the color or pattern that should be used for your lines. To change the line color used in an object, follow these steps.

I have done a line graph and i need to switch the colours around. How do i do this please?!?! help much appreciated. Thanks. I got the answer, found it myself, On the menu, select Line color, then you'll see a pencil, click on a cell then press ctrl and drag the pencil. Excel Multi-colored Line Charts allow you to color code the line when it meets In the Change Chart Type dialog box set it to a Line chart.

Learn how to quickly change the color of the entire row based on a single cell's How to change the row color based on a cell's value in Excel into eg in that column I will type YES and the entire column line turns green?. Grid lines add horizontal and/or vertical lines to your graph that aid in measuring graph values. By default, these grid lines use the color assigned to the. Y-axis has the values 1, 2, 3 for line X. 4, 5, 6 for line Y and 2, 3, 4 for line Z. Now I want the line X to change color or become dashed (or. Change Excel cell border colors to any color you wish. Select any Border Style from the Border drop-down menu, then click the Line Color option. If you want. Make it easy on the eyes with color shading. of looking through them and elect to color shade alternating lines. Open an Excel workbook. In Excel for Mac , how do I change the default color for the line connecting the 'yellow sticky' comment to the cell to which it is referring?. I have formatted my spreadsheet with some cells having thick line borders, I now want to change the color of ALL borders in a selection. For example, to make a bar chart with the data in the table and change color in 5 different groups (1 – 15, 15 – 30, 30 – 50). Step 1: Sort data. After that, lets change the color of the trendline by selecting the “Line Color” sub- menu choice. This is the first of our trendlines and it represents a Flat trendline. You may not have thought about the color of the gridlines in Excel before, but if you're bored with the default gray color or you want to use a.