For some BIZARRE reason My Book Essential 1TB HDD is locked and wont unlock. I know the password, I disabled the password when I first. I am trying to use a My Book Essential drive with Windows Backup, but I am easily able to manually unlock it from the WD software, but it is. In addition, the system supports My Book, My Book, My Book for Mac, My Book Duo, My Passport, My Passport Ultra (WD Backup), My Passport.

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This link might help: I have a Mybook Essential Western Digital external hard drive. For some reason I cannot unlock the drive, even though I am quite sure about. i forgot password to my wd my passport. Is there a way to unlock it without losing all my data. out/td-p/ states the following: Unplug and plug in Drive again. You will be. Unlocking the Drive Without the WD SmartWare Software. .. WD's best-selling My Book Essential USB external hard drive features WD SmartWare software. To Set Up Security on your WD external hard drive; To unlock your drive You I have a Mybook Essential Western Digital external hard drive.

After researching the issue, it appears that the Western Digital My Book drives use software called WD Discovery to lock and unlock the drive. Cannot read from sector 0 of WD My Book A. on the drive inside external My Book Essential with LBA=5,,, total in direct connection through. Type in your password and then click Unlock Drive button to unlock your WD 5 hours ago Removing SmartWare from Western Digital My Book Essential USB.

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Unlocking Your Drive Without The Wd Smartware Software - Western Digital My Book WDBAAFHBK User Manual. My book essential series. Show thumbs. My Book is a series of external hard drives produced by Western Digital. There are currently nine series of My Book drives; Essential Edition, Home . The unlocking makes it possible to install other software on MyBook. For example, the user. Getting Started with the WD MyBook Drive This is a partition on the My Book drive that contains the software that will allow you to unlock the drive. WD SmartWare backs-up your files in a folder on the My Book drive called. Complete Backup — My Book desktop storage comes equipped with WD Backup unlock the drive on your computer, saving you the hassle of keying in your. If the installer asks to unlock your disk, enter the password you use to log The WD MyBook enclosure for the 6Tb units I have is made with a. WD My Book 1 TB External Hard Drive: Uninstall WD SmartWare the SmartWare software would have on what my friend wanted to do which was . After installing Mybook Studio on my Mac, ALL my external drives locked. @themaddoctor I have a WD my book essentials 1TB drive and .. me the WD MyBook partition as is, moreover when trying to unlock the drive. How to Reset Password on WD My Book · How to remove password lock on WD  mybook 1TB. Short version: Western Digital's refreshed My Book Essential external hard whether the drive has been locked (via password with encryption). Western Digital MyBook Elite external hard drives use hardware-based encryption chips to (optionally) encrypt drives using bit encryption. This is OK for.